21-23 Sep 2017 | Bangalore | India's Largest & Most Exciting Analytics Summit

Hotel Park Plaza, BANGALORE

3 days / 50+ Talks
Analytics India Summit

September 21-23, 2017
Hall Arabica

Day 1

10:35- 11:10 AM
Prasad Yalamanchi

ADvanced Enterprise BI: made possible with Semantic Technology

Operational decision process was supported by old world BI, which thus far has been limited to multidimensional analyses of enterprise data. Big Data has made it possible now for enterprises to desire for more advanced analytics afforded by Machine Learning, Graph Analytics etc.

These new high value analytics are not well integrated into the existing BI workflows or the current crop of visualization interfaces and reporting systems.

ADvanced Enterprise B I is a modern integrated analytics platform that all enterprises aspire for, one that integrates previous BI and outputs of ML, NLP, Graph analytics and greatly enhances the delivery of all analytics to the decision making processes. ADEBI is made possible with Semantic Technology which is the best integrating technology available.



Prasad Yalamanchi

CEO of HIDDIME.COM – Cloud Analytics Service

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