21-23 Sep 2017 | Bangalore | India's Largest & Most Exciting Analytics Summit

Hotel Park Plaza, BANGALORE

3 days / 50+ Talks
Analytics India Summit

September 21-23, 2017
Main Conference Hall

Day 3

12:15 – 12:50 pm
Dr Shyam Sundaram

AI – Gaze Into the Crystal Ball

AI & ML has seen a significant adoption across multiple domains from driverless cars to robotics. Advances in peripheral areas such as IoT & cloud computing are pushing the boundaries of use cases.

While AI itself has been an active area of research for many years, it is increasingly used in a number of domains areas. Understanding the current boundaries of AI/ML and perspectives will play a vital role as participate in this journey. Cognitive services and DIY ML capabilities are providing easy access to this technology. While there is an uptake of data science there is a need to still have the base level frameworks that is required to build solutions that are safe and human interface-able. This talk will focus on vital aspects of state of this technology today and some orientations to define how to look at these technologies and integrating them to the real world use cases.



Shyam Sundaram

Head Digital Innovations & Transformation | Technology R&D at Bajaj Finance

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