21-23 Sep 2017 | Bangalore | India's Largest & Most Exciting Analytics Summit

Hotel Park Plaza, BANGALORE

3 days / 50+ Talks
Analytics India Summit

September 21-23, 2017
Main Conference Hall

Day 3

02:30 – 03:30 pm

The Dating Scientist

Imagine what happens, when a man, who has practiced hunting via a spear for many years and has grown to become pretty good at it, suddenly realises that there have arrived ne advanced weapons which can do the same task more easily and efficiently, thus making his spear hunting skills almost obsolete.

This realisation is what has struck Vishesh, the protagonist of ‘The Dating Scientist’. No, he is not actually a hunter (in traditional sense). He is a corporate employee, who happens to have solid marketing skills. But his unique marketing brain is on the verge of becoming useless, thanks to the newly emerging field of data science. Such is the aura of data science among urban employees nowadays, that each of them is thinking in his head – “May be data science is the new sexy”, and Vishesh is no exception. Analytics India Magazine’s new web series, The Dating Scientist, explores this transition to the new era of data and its effects on job profiles.

Vishesh, a self made master of marketing with more than five years of expertise, finds himself struggling to understand when and how data science became the most powerful deciding factor for business. The problem starts when Vishesh’s flatmate and co-employee, Kartik, gets fired for being a novice, which in today’s world means ‘not a data scientist’. This incident rings bells of panic in Vishesh’s head. But Vishesh, being a clever folk with all his intutional powers, was sure he can come out clean under these testing times. He just needs a solid plan. That’s when Manya, a nerdy math freak, joins as a data scientist in the same company. Vishesh quickly senses that he has an opportunity here. What will Vishesh pull out from his box of tricks this time?

Watch out for the episodes to witness the unfolding of this ‘not so intense’ battle between logic and Intuition. This series surely promises to be a treat who love to watch good content laced with some rib tickling humour.

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