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Analytics India Summit

September 15-17, 2016
Main Conference Hall

Day 1

12:15pm – 12:50pm
Prasad Y

Smart Big Data Lake

Next Generation DATAWAREHOUSE that supports BIG DATA and includes support for both older and modern ‘self-service, cloud BI and Analytics tools’

smart big data lake
Recent developments in BIG DATA have vastly improved the scope and depth of analytics that are possible by factoring in all available data.  BIG DATA Engineering has given us many tools and techniques to store, process and access data.  But, integrating the big-data pipelines into a datawarehouse that drives comprehensive queries and analysis that the modern BI and Analytics needs and expects is still an open problem.  Current BI Datawarehouse falls short in handling this critical requirement of the new data driven world.
SMART BIG DATA LAKE (SBDL)  is a robust architectural and smart-data technology that allows universal schema-on-read access of all data.  Deeper problems such as integrating out-of-order ETL processes some of which include more advanced Machine Learning, Un-structured-data, streaming-data and Graph processing pipelines can be handled in a scalable fashion with smart-big-data lakes.  SBDL simultaneously supports comprehensive queries by modern self-service BI and Analytics tools on the cloud or on premise extending the benefits of BIG DATA to the frontlines.



Prasad Y

CEO of HIDDIME.COM – Cloud Analytics Service

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