21-23 Sep 2017 | Bangalore | India's Largest & Most Exciting Analytics Summit

Hotel Park Plaza, BANGALORE

3 days / 3 Parallel sessions
Analytics India Summit

September 15-17, 2016
CTO at Jigsaw Academy

Geetika Goel

Geetika is currently the CTO at Jigsaw Academy, an online school for analytics with an overall IT industry experience of around 20 years. Prior to joining Jigsaw, she worked with Infosys in a wide spectrum of roles.

She started out as a software developer working in manufacturing domain and then moved on to handling large IT projects in finance sector. She worked as a research scientist exploring various aspects of cloud computing and managed performance engineering aspects of prestigious SaaS based projects. She got a chance to handle a team of enthusiastic UI developers, but took it as an opportunity to familiarize herself with UX principles. She also took a short stint as handling IT quality, thus ensuring all arrows of software project development were within her skills quiver. Outside of Infosys, she has been an entrepreneur helping start-ups and NGOs in their “green” journey, helping children with productive environment friendly past-times and as a consulting architect and developer to a niche performance engineering firm. She holds a postgraduate degree in Mathematics from IIT, Kanpur.



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