21-23 Sep 2017 | Bangalore | India's Largest & Most Exciting Analytics Summit


3 days / 50+ talks
Awesome and great speakers

September 15-17, 2016


Here’s what our attendees & speakers told about last year’s event.

Business Leader, Cognizant Analytics and Data Science at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Sameer Dhanrajani

It was great to see a congregation of over 400+ enthusiastic analytics and data science professionals under a single forum. CYPHER 2015 was a well-envisaged event and our partnership with the Analytics India Magazine was complementing our key approach of innovative analytics thought leadership and advocacy and continued push towards path-breaking topical trends within the analytical and data science fraternity within India. I congratulate Bhasker from AIM for organizing this wonderful event and giving us all a common platform to discuss, brainstorm, and collectively learn from each other’s experiences on the forthcoming trends and topics shaping our algorithm economy.

Country Manager at Cloudera

Vivek Ratna

Cypher 2015 did a great job in congregating the niche audience interested in knowing the POV of professionals having advanced experience in analytics. It covered diverse topics and had cherry picked the experienced speakers with varied backgrounds to deliver the sessions. In my assessment, attendees took back the knowledge not available in text books and they will look forward to coming back again in subsequent editions.

Director of the Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics at Great Lakes Institute of Management

Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay

It’s Fantastic! You meet so many people who are industry experts and its even more heartening to see lot many people who are not formally trained in analytics but they are here because they want to know more about it and are willing to invest their time and resource on it.

CEO at Manthan Systems

Atul Jalan

Such a vibrant event! From the number of people to the level of enthusiasm – everything is great! I congratulate you on your success… Do continue this and I hope to see cypher as a global event in time to come! Very well done and my best wishes.

Director, Client delivery at Cartesian consulting

Moumita Sarkar

It’s so good to see that all presentations are talking the same language.. It’s like a fraternity or brotherhood feeling as we are all facing the same problems, lot of learning across, good industry practices, which we have seen. It’s good to have all of this together at one platform. Thank you for organising this!

Head of BFS Analytics at Cognizant

Vasant Rao

I think it was brilliant! It was excellent… because there were lot of people, lot of participation, very interactive, lot of questions! Also the break away sessions were very well received! Even though three programmes were running parallel, I don’t think even any one of them was sparsely populated and all of them were very well attended.

There were some very good insights, the sessions by flipkart and by housing .com, etc.. excellent insights on how they are approaching the business via analytics.. So, overall I think an extremely well run and well attended venet, so many kudos to you!

Chief Data Scientist at Gramener

Anand S

It’s been a great experience! Full of fantastic crowd and so many interesting talks…. I m sure there will be one every year, if not oftener, I will look forward to seeing more of these.

Director at Dell Global Analytics

Pankaj Rai

It was a great event to get all the analytics professionals together because I think Bangalore is the hub for analytics talent and I don’t see this type of events happening and Cypher has taken a lead in creating an event of this nature. In this city, which is a hub of talent, where people have actually been traveling to other cities to participate in such events. It’s good to see that a lot of people can participate, here sitting in bangalore. Having on a saturday is even better that lot of people who are constrained for time during weekdays can also come and attend.

Vice President at Times Centre for Learning Limited

Manish Srivastava

It is a fantastic platform for the BA space, this is a great platform to meet all kind of users, right from the industry to the end user.. the experts from the industry and the end user, and interact and get to the right businesses.

Senior Director at AIG Science

Anshu Sharma

I think it’s been a phenomenal experience today. A great amalgamation of industry folks, folks from academia and also different vendors, the different tools and technology. The panels and the workshops were a complete sell out. The attendance was great. More importantly, the level of people that we got to interact with it was just phenomenal. I wish cypher a great great success in the coming years and hopefully we should see it as a bigger event. There is just so much to absorb in this!

Senior Director – Advanced Analytics and Data Science at Cognizant

Hari Saravanabhavan

To be honest, it was fantastic. One of the things that we need in the analytics industry is the forums that bring the analytics industry together… and these forums actually allow both the service providers, the clients and the supplier organisation to really build this industry in the true sense.. I think analytics requires something like this, the more you do these kind of forums, the better it is for us to mature the industry much faster. Great Job!

Co-founder at BRIDGEi2i

Pritam Kanti Paul

I think it’s a phenomenal way to get a lot of like minded people together, we got to know what everyone is doing, it was a learning experience… the whole ecosystem is here.. It’s not only about people who are doing analytics, it’s about people helping to get the right kind of people into the analytics sector, some tool companies, etc. It’s a great way to get the Indian community together! This is your first one and in the next 3 years, it will probably become one of the best conferences in India and all my best wishes!

Vice President, Data Science at Housing.com

Paul Meinshausen

It’s been good! It’s a good chance to think about analytics more broadly and it’s something I am glad to see in India, and I wish there was a bit more of it!
Like thinking of analytics and statistics level all about, how companies can apply analytics to problem solving… It was exciting to see analytics at board level for organisations and at all levels and not just like the big data technologies stuff there for enterprises. Glad to be able to be a part of it!

Cofounder at AnalytixLabs

Sumeet Bansal

It was fabulous! The amount of enthusiasm we have seen in Bangalore! This sort of platform where all sort of companies from education industry, from B-Schools and professionals from various backgrounds is unprecedented. We got to connect with a lot of people, who are interested in our offerings! The overall experience that Analytix labs team had was amazing and we would like to come back again next year.
Like thinking of analytics and statistics level all about, how companies can apply analytics to problem solving… It was exciting to see analytics at board level for organisations and at all levels and not just like the big data technologies stuff there for enterprises. Glad to be able to be a part of it!