About Cypher 2018

Cypher is India’s largest Analytics summit. In its 4th year, Cypher acts as a platform to network and learn from the leading thought leaders, companies and startups in Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence discipline.


Hotel Radisson Blu (formerly Hotel Park Plaza)
Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, India


Wednesday – Friday
Sep 26-28, 2018

Speakers at Cypher 2018

We are in the process of finalizing our speakers. Expect more than 100 speakers to speak at Cypher 2018

Great Learning Data Science Awards 2018

Nomination are open for the awards.

This is the third edition of Data Science Excellence Awards in collaboration with Great Learning. The goal of these awards is to recognize the best in the data science world today in India.

Nominate for Awards

Meet, Interact & Engage

Go deeper into analytics use cases

Networking opportunity with the participants from various segments of Indian analytics industry that can help you and your business.
Network with an audience that’s most definitive representation of analytics industry in India.

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  • Closing Passes

  • Available from 7th Sep, 2018 onwards
  • All access, 3 day passes
  • No Group discount available
  • 18000

Open Mics

Have a voice of your own and showcase your knowledge infront of a esteemed audience.

An opportunity to share your thoughts with the Analytics community the informal way. Get a chance to speak on specifically curated topics from analytics in front of individuals with similar interests.Take the stage and share your thoughts in a quick 10 mins talk and also listen what other delegates have to say.

Data Social Roundtables

A great way to network and discuss real challenges with a select group of people in closed door settings.

Introducing closed door networking sessions through moderated roundtables. Participants can choose their area of interest and register for same. Brainstorm with 20-25 like minded individuals and unleash your knowledge. Multiple sessions to be organised all day on various topics from AI and analytics.

The Data Geek Quiz

A mega event designed to provide Data Enthusiast at various Levels across all industries a unique platform to hone and test their knowledge to battle with the best in the country. The quiz would test knowledge in the area of AI & Analytics.

This quiz competition provides a unique platform to Data Scientists to exhibit their knowledge and acumen, thereby win recognition to excellence. It also provides an excellent opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity, and experience in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

The Quiz will Consist of two rounds. The first round would be a qualifier round and the top 7 teams would be selected to compete for the grand prize in the finale on 28th Sept.

All Hands Networking Dinner

Be part of the gala dinner on the first day with lot of exciting attractions.

Great way to network with fellow Analytics & Data Science professionals in a non-formal setting.

What People Say About US

Testimonials for Cypher 2017
  • I love this event. This is the third year and I don't think anybody else has pulled of anything quite like this. There have been lot of big data conferences, but nowhere else have I really felt that the industry gets together with this kind of vibe, and everybody is really happy to be here. There are a lot of good sessions over three days. Everywhere else they stumble largely on the quality of the session, but Cypher has great sessions. The conference is completely packed and I heard there are 600-700 people out here. That's completely phenomenal. Keep doing it.
    Sandeep Mittal
    Sandeep Mittal
  • It’s always good to come here and meet a lot of diverse people from the industry and hear their points of view. It turns out to be a bigger reunion every time, and is the one place where the who’s who of the analytics industry can be found. The kind of topics that Cypher curates each year brings the right balance of the industry perspective and a fair amount of depth of the techniques. The best part is that it brings the academia and the industry together. I really enjoyed my time here.
    Nitin Sareen
    Nitin Sareen
  • Cypher was a very good experience. I met a lot of interesting people. It had nice talks— scientific talks, application talks, talks on quantum computing, deep learning, application across public policy, finance and others. It is very interesting to see how people are growing and how these techniques are getting deeper across all kinds of verticals and industries. It is enlightening to know that people are taking the analytics part seriously. It was a very great experience.
    Ankur Narang
    Ankur Narang
  • It is a fantastic event. This is the third time that I am attending Cypher. It is really good to see the crowd spread across three days, with lot of excitement. Thanks for having us here and I really enjoyed myself.
     Arindam Datta
    Arindam Datta
  • It’s a great event. It’s my first time attending Cypher and I never knew that participation would be so diverse and vast. Analytics has largely been ignored in this country and I think Cypher is doing a great job by bringing all the minds together. I am sure people will recognise that Analytics India Magazine and Cypher had a great part to play in the analytical journey that India is going through.
    Pinky Sahu
    Pinky Sahu
  • It was a great conference. There are some really interesting talks going on there. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for organising!
    Christian Barten
    Christian Barten
  • This is my second year at Cypher. It is a great place, with a lot of people coming together and sharing their ideas. A great place to network and learn. Cypher team is doing a phenomenal work here. Analytics India Magazine itself has seen a tremendous growth. Over the years, I have seen a lot of people reading it and getting value out of it. It has given a lot of interesting articles and introduced a lot of people to the analytics world. People have been doing some phenomenal work inside their organisation and we didn't realise it. I think this is a great way of bringing that information out.
    Manoj Kalyan
    Manoj Kalyan
  • This is the third edition of Cypher and I am participating for the first time. The list of speakers and topics are very interesting. It is a platform to learn a lot and network with people in my industry. Looking forward to it next year.
    Rahul Budhraja
    Rahul Budhraja
  • There is no doubt about the fact that Cypher is one of the most premier events in the analytics industry. It brings together like-minded professionals from the community. It is also a great place to meet a lot of genuine people who are open to sharing ideas. I thank the Analytics India Magazine team for putting it all together.
    Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma
  • Cypher is a great event with a vibrant set of folks. There were tremendous set of questions that came from panelists as well as the audience. I really thank the whole team for putting together such a great event.
    Santhosh Vasanthakumar
    Santhosh Vasanthakumar

Rahul Subramanian is performing at Cypher 2018

Rahul Subramanian is a stand-up comedian hailing from Mumbai. His delivery style of punches in a slow and morbid way steals the shows. He is witty, understands that middle-class comical journey to the rat race and often uses it to show the funny side of our life.

But in his own words, he describes himself as – “I am 5 Feet 7 inches short, wheatish complexion with dark brown eyes and short toenails. My favorite wood is ply and my favorite book is a notebook. I believe in the philosophy of Rajesh. Rajesh is my childhood friend. As a kid, I never ever imagined that scientists will discover God particle and petrol will become so expensive. I consider myself a stranger to all those who do not know me. Live and let others work. In the end, you are answerable only to no one.